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What is this whole Logic Engine thing about?
The Team

Three game designer friends decided that, as well as test out each other’s games, why don’t they make some together? It made a lot of sense; they were already collaboratively giving feedback on everyone’s prototypes. And so the machine that is Logic Engine was created.

Game Design

One member of the team drives each project, but all of Logic Engine are involved in its development and creation. A truly collaborative effort that draws on the knowledge and experience of each member to help every concept reach its full potential.

For All

The members of Logic Engine aren’t in it to change the world. That’s no reason not to try, though. Sustainability and ethical practices are at the forefront of any project. Why limit yourself, when inclusivity means everyone everywhere can be your audience?

Map making to help the relief efforts

Roll & Write | 2+ Players

Heavy rains have caused havoc throughout the region. As one of the apprentice cartographers, it is up to you to use incoming reports to create an updated map of the region.

The Council will surely reward the apprentice skilled enough to put together the most accurate map, contributing to better run aid efforts.

A print and play version of Floodlands will be coming to Kickstarter soon. If you are interested in getting a hold of the game click "Sign Up" below and fill out the form. We will email you with details on the Kickstarter when it is about to happen.

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The Team
Those keeping the engine going
Andrew Carpenter
Game Designer & Secondman

Owner of Five Robots, finalist in numerous tabletop game design competitions, and driver's assistant.

Lyndon Cullen-Reid
Game Designer & Brakeman

Owner of Mauii Makes Games, inaugural PAX Showcase winner, and the individual responsible for bringing things to a safe stop.

Matthew Lee
Game Designer & Boilerman

Editor of The Campaigner, Kanga Judge, and furiously shovelling coal to keep things moving.


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